Introducing Project Clearwater Ecosystem Partner BroadForward

Changing the industry dynamics for IMS deployments with the world’s most powerful interworking and routing solution.

With the introduction of LTE and IMS, service providers have the opportunity to launch innovative and personalized services faster and more frequent than ever before. Success will depend on time to market and the ability to deliver services seamlessly across technologies. However, operators are invariably held back as they face different types and generations of networks, based on various technologies and equipment of multiple vendors. With the added complexity of IMS, this leads to unpredictable lead times and high costs.

BroadForward’s BFX Interface Gateway provides the indispensable ability to integrate IMS, independent of network technology or vendors. BFX is a complete signalling solution offering a wide range of protocols and functions, managed through a GUI-based service orchestration environment. Functions include routing, any-to-any interworking, mediation, protocol conversion, load balancing and advanced service logic.

BFX supports Project Clearwater by fast tracking deployments of the virtualized IMS solution, while achieving a structural reduction of integration efforts, hardware costs and vendor lock-in effects. BFX provides customers with an essential capability for:

  • Implementation and integration of IMS;
  • Interworking with legacy networks and migration of services;
  • Scaling IMS deployments and managing related signalling traffic;
  • Enabling the creation of successful IMS-based services.

BFX offers a hardware-agnostic solution, supporting Network Function Virtualisation. It runs on any off-the-shelve hardware or virtualisation technology. BFX does not rely on specialist hardware or proprietary operating systems. By offering the ability to deploy BFX on a common platform, BroadForward supports operators and vendors to migrate from proprietary appliance based systems to a standard hardware and cloud based infrastructure.

Contact BroadForward to sign up for a free BFX demo or trial to see for yourself how you can fast track change and enable service innovation.

Steven van Zanen

Steven van Zanen is responsible for Product Management and Marketing at BroadForward. He comes with extensive experience of the telecommunications industry having led multiple innovations in areas such as mobile broadband, messaging and advertising. Over the past 15 years he has worked with the largest operators in the world and partnered with many leading product vendors. He is well known with press and media and is a prominent key note speaker in the sector. Prior to joining BroadForward he held several senior management positions at Acision, including Head of Mobile Broadband and SVP Strategy and Marketing.

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