Sprint Lapras Release Note

The release for Project Clearwater sprint “Lapras” has been cut. The code for this release is tagged as release-105 in github.

This release includes the following bug fixes:

To upgrade to this release, follow the instructions at http://docs.projectclearwater.org/en/stable/Upgrading_a_Clearwater_deployment.html. If you are deploying an all-in-one node, the standard image (http://vm-images.cw-ngv.com/cw-aio.ova) has been updated for this release.

Graeme Robertson

Graeme is a software engineer on the Project Clearwater development team at Metaswitch Networks. He likes to socialise with other members of the team, and he particularly enjoys swimming with Alex and walks in the countryside with Eleanor. Graeme believes that a purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved, and tries to live his life by this idea.

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