Sprint Durin release note

The release for Project Clearwater sprint “Durin” has been cut. The code for this release is tagged as release-121 in GitHub.

We have added a new feature, giving Project Clearwater the ability to support Wildcarded Public Identities.

This will allow Clearwater to work alongside an HSS which uses Wildcarded Public Identities, giving the benefit that service can be provided for multiple IMPUs without having to provision each identity explicitly in the HSS.

We have also made some minor tweaks and fixes.

To upgrade to this release, follow the instructions at http://docs.projectclearwater.org/en/stable/Upgrading_a_Clearwater_deployment.html.  If you are deploying an all-in-one node, the standard image (http://vm-images.cw-ngv.com/cw-aio.ova) has been updated for this release


Adam Lindley is a Software Engineer at Metaswitch Networks. Prior to moving into software engineering he studied Oriental Studies, specialising in classical literature. Outside work, his interests include music, food, drink and computer gaming.

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