Sprint Ecthelion Release

The release for Project Clearwater sprint “Ecthelion” has been cut. The code for this release is tagged as release-122 in GitHub.


This release introduces the new architecture http://www.projectclearwater.org/technical/clearwater-architecture/. We recommend any existing deployments are redeployed using the new architecture. If you are using Chef to manage your deployment and want to continue using the old architecture, then you must not pull the latest Chef changes. In order to redeploy an existing Chef-managed deployment on the new architecture, you must:

  1. delete your existing deployment with knife deployment delete -E <env>
  2. pull the latest Chef changes with git pull
  3. upload the new cookbooks with:
  4. knife cookbook upload clearwater -o cookbooks/
  5. find roles/*.rb -exec knife role from file {} \;
  6. recreate your deployment as documented on http://clearwater.readthedocs.io/en/stable/Automated_Install.html


Issues fixed:

  • Sprout crashes when you try calling a barred subscriber who has been deregistered by an RTR
  • Sprout can generate a reg-event NOTIFY with empty XML
  • Docs are inconsistent about whether clearwater-cluster-manager is installed on all nodes
  • Chronos timers fail to pop due to unconfigured signalling DNS server
  • sprout_chronos_callback_uri breaks Sprout
  • Console spam in sprout UTs


To upgrade to this release, follow the instructions at http://docs.projectclearwater.org/en/stable/Upgrading_a_Clearwater_deployment.html.  If you are deploying an all-in-one node, the standard image (http://vm-images.cw-ngv.com/cw-aio.ova) has been updated for this release.

Ying Huang

Clearwater dev

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