Sprint Helm Hammerhand Release

The release for Project Clearwater sprint “Helm Hammerhand” has been cut. The code for this release is tagged as release-125 in GitHub.

This release includes a change to the way the PROJECT-CLEARWATER-MIB is generated. It is now built from MIB fragments in the clearwater-snmp-handlers repository. The MIB is now included in the clearwater-snmp-alarm-agent package, copied to “/usr/share/clearwater/mibs/” on installation of the package. The MIB is no longer checked in to the repository, but can be built on demand outside of the alarm agent package if required; see the clearwater-snmp-handlers readme for instructions.

This release also includes the following bug fixes:

  • Typo in S-CSCF URI defaulting code
  • Sprout crashes in URI classifier

To upgrade to this release, follow the instructions at http://docs.projectclearwater.org/en/stable/Upgrading_a_Clearwater_deployment.html.  If you are deploying an all-in-one node, the standard image (http://vm-images.cw-ngv.com/cw-aio.ova) has been updated for this release.

Seb Rex

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